How to Easily take complete Backup of your BlogSpot blog?

There may be various reasons for which you may wish to take backup of your BlogSpot blog. BlopSopt is one of the biggest platforms for blogging. Though it offers a lot of limitations Compared to CMS Like WordPress. In BlogSpot Google owns your blog.

Google may delete your blog anytime if you violate any TOC.

In such situation of policy violation, you can use Backups to get your content back. By taking backup of your BlogSpot blog you can retrieve accidently deleted old blog posts.

Another reason why you may wish to take backup of your BlogSpot Blog may be Templates. In order to Customize your blog in BlogSpot, one needs to edit HTML File. This sometimes results in errors. So it is advisable to take backup of your BlogSpot blog template. And also by taking Backup of BlogSpot template you can ensure your customized template remains with you.

This XML Backup file can be used to Export your content from BlogSpot to CMS like WordPress but you’ll have to use some tools for it.

Easily take BlogSpot Backup


Backup your Blogger Blog-

In order to take Backup of your blogger blog, first of all, go to your blogger dashboard. Then select settings option from the left side.

Export blogger blog









Now select “Other” option from Settings.  Inside other option, you’ll see Backup option as shown in the image below. Click on Backup content option and save XML file.

Export blogspot blog easily

And this will create a backup of your BlogSpot blog. Store this XML Version in Google drive, Dropbox, etc for future use.


Backup your Blog Template-

In order to create a backup of your blog template Choose Template options from the left side.  Then Select Backup/Restore options from top right.

Backup blogspot template










Select Download template options and XML File will be saved.

How to Restore BlogSpot Template-

Open Dashboard of your blogger blog. Select Template from left side options. Click on Backup/Restore option from top right corner. Now Click on Choose file option to upload XML template file.

upload blogger template











Use all the simple methods listed above to take backup of your BlogSpot blog, to take Backup of your Blog Template or to Restore your blog Template.

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